Impartiality and Confidentiality Statement

The laboratory is committed to impartiality and confidentiality.  The laboratory does not participate in any other activities that does not involve the laboratory testing/calibration operations, which allows all staff to practice in an impartial manner.

All client documents are considered highly confidential and the sole property the Northern Analytical Lab Services (NALS) at UNBC.  The laboratory does not share information publicly, except for information that the customer makes publicly available, or when agreed between the laboratory and the customer in writing, or when required by law. All other information is considered proprietary information and shall be regarded as confidential, including information obtained from other sources (i.e. regulators, complainant). Laboratory personnel (including any individuals acting on the laboratories behalf) will not discuss any aspect of the project with any person(s) other than those stated by the company submitting samples.

Laboratory personnel shall adhere to the following procedures to ensure customer confidentiality:

  • Upon receipt of samples: the completion of the chain of custody and the log in of individual samples shall be done in such a way so that sensitive customer information cannot be seen or heard by any non-employee personnel.
  • The Chain of Custody and Samples shall be stored in designated areas in the laboratory and labelled in such a way as to ensure that sensitive customer information is not accessible by any non-employee personnel. Customers are not permitted in the laboratory unless accompanied by laboratory personnel at all times.
  • The NALS shall maintain the chain of custody and reports and any verbal communications away from the presence of any non-employees. Customer job information will only be discussed with people listed on the Chain of Custody, and employees of the Northern Analytical Lab Services for the purposes of providing lab testing services.