The UNBC Northern Analytical Laboratory Services has a mission to provide high quality analytical services to the community. We offer a variety of analytical services that are available to everyone. We have worked with individuals, workplaces, industries, students, and researchers both at the local and international level. We offer personalized consultations on method development for those samples and projects that are simply too unique to fit in a box.  

The NALS has over 20 high-performance equipment and is has worked with regional, provincial, national, and international clients to meet their service/research needs. 

Whether you are looking to find out if your water is safe to drink or looking to solve global pollution problems, the NALS is there to help you achieve your goals! 

Water Testing

Well Water

For residents living in rural/remote areas, we can help determine your water potability to ensure your drinking water is safe for consumption.


Routine water testing that meets regulatory requirements whether it is with the Provincial Health Officer or Northern Health. We are the only lab in Northern BC certified to analyze wastewater.

Environmental Monitoring

We assess water safety for human and wildlife consumption.

Soil Testing

Soil Chemistry

Soil testing is an important step in planning nutrient applications to agricultural land for optimizing crop growth, yield, and quality.

Soil Remediation

Human activity can disturb soil environments, creating inhospitable environments for humans, plants, and animals. We can work with you to provide important information on soil quality and health

Air Testing

Industrial Hygiene

We assess not just the “air quality” of your work environment, but also potential worker exposures to other workplace agents such as metals.


We can assess the air quality of outdoor air for harmful pollutants (particulate matter, metals etc.) that can negatively impact human health.

Food Testing


Eating good food is important for good nutrition and health. At the NALS, we can analyze your plant and food products for nutrient content, keeping you informed about what you put in your body.

Food Safety, Quality, and Compliance

We can help you identify the potential biological, chemical, and physical hazards present in food products, ensuring your products are compliant with health and safety standards.

Materials Testing

Polymers and Plastics

Identifying the physical properties of the material to ensure it meets certain industry standards.

Mineral Analysis (Assays and Geochemical Analysis)

Determine the chemical (elemental) composition of the mineral and inorganic samples, including but not limited to core samples.

Specialty Analyses

Have a unique request that doesn’t fit into any category? We can help you with our experienced method development team. Contact us today to discuss with us.